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    I am not sure exactly how buildings work.

    So, there is a ruinend building on the table: In this state is it a building, pile of rubble, or defined by the players at the start of the game?

    If it is a pile of rubble, can occupying infantry climb up onto the upper floor, if so how?

    If a direct fire HE weapon wants to shoot at the occupying infantry I believe that they just target a building. However, if it is defined as rubble do they have to shoot as normal targets (target get +2 for being in hard cover).

    Thanks in advance.

    If a building is hit by a large HE weapon and gets destroyed, is it no longer a building?


    I would play it as rubble. that is a former building that has been destroyed.

    So game wise I would use the building movement rules for who can enter the area.

    For going up /down… if its not double the height of a standing figure then just count it as a couple of inches moved to change between floors (ie if its 3″ height then infantry have to move 3″ to go up) If someone questions the how in real life… you can stand on a mates shoulders and grab hold of the floor above you. Pull your self up, then lying flat on the floor pull your mate up.


    Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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