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    Curtis Kitchens

    I should have posted the below comment in the Victory at Sea forums originally. But has anyone heard if Warlord will release models that are not permanently attached the to bases? Love Cruel Seas, can’t love this with these based models even though the decision on the scale was spot on.

    With great sadness I am informing Warlord Games that I will not be purchasing any models from their Victory at Sea line. Without exaggeration…. neither will anyone I know or who I game with regularly in my major metro area of Dallas Texas. The reason? The tragic mistake to produce models with attached bases. It is the first and only question from all of us. “Are the bases permanently attached?” “It looks like it.” “Too bad that looked like a good game.” The choice of scale is perfect. The sculpting is perfect. The marketing is perfect. The packaging decisions, like Cruel Seas are perfect. But the models are waste. I would have bought the whole collection. Thank goodness this mistake was not made with the Cruel Seas series. I wish you well with this release, but I would seriously consider rolling out a modified set of models at some point with bases removed and then you will open up the market to so many more of us. Please. Thanks.


    going to say 3 things…
    1) the game is actually scale agnostic… in fact talking to some of the playtesters… they didnt playtest it at 1:1800 but at other scales they had at home…
    2) warlord arent the only manufactors… come join us in the Victory at Sea Wardroom (unofficial) group on facebook for more
    3) the bases arent that bad, I for one actually like them for multiple reasons (game play, a nice place to put names so I dont need to learn every shilouete, makes them easier to pick up etc etc)

    However I will agree that the bases are marmite!


    Christian Sorensen

    Whilst everyone will have (and will be entitled to) their point of view about the aesthetics and practicality of these bases, I for one am a big fan of them!

    I am currently using two different paint schemas for these, one a Mediterranean with a sea-green wash and blue-green waves, the other more dark-blue to represent the waters of the Home Fleet (and Northern Pacific). Perhaps I will do yet another for South Pacific! All of my friends seem to have a slightly different take on how they want their waves to look, and I believe that this enhances the overall aesthetics of the game.

    By producing models that are a clear “cut above” the quality of most previous offerings in this scale Warlord has created solid reasons to buy their models to play a game that is frankly scale agnostic. I like how their models look on the table-top in fleets opposing each other, and that the playability of the game as a whole will keep us engaged in building up the fleets from their Starter Box origins.

    This is not to say I am opposed to “bulking out” my fleets with 3D printed models and such using home-made bases, it is just that if Warlord consistently produces additional models to their current high standards they will have a ready market for their product here!

    Greg S

    The original VAS book was published with a set of card counters.  We played the original and playtested this one with 1/3000 Navwar ships.

    Warlord’s minis are nice, but you can buy an entire 1/3000 fleet for the cost of one battleship 🙂


    Curtis Kitchens

    I’m ambivalent to the game scale and absolutely love the decision to produce the models at 1:1800 scale. Disagreements on scale have existed in the hobby forever and are unsolvable. What I’m so disappointed in is the decision to produce models with permeant bases. That’s usually done in the realms of scale modelers or collectors and not table top gamers.

    invisible officer

    That mid scale is nothing for me. I have literally thousands of Continental scale 1/1200 models und hundreds in 1/3000. So for that old collector and gamer that scale is neither fish nor fowl.   The smaller has the advantag of playing size with fleets, the larger that of quality. Some with edged brass parts are just incredible.


    And in these scales far more models are available in the moment.


    The cast on bases, hmm. I base my 1/3000 anyway for better handling and writing of Name on the sides. More modern 1250 are left without but those eras with much rigging get a base for handling.

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