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    This is just an observation/ question –

    Why does it appear that most people in Europe / States only ever talk about Overlord? And ignore all the other D-Days (Sicily, Tourch, South of France, Italy etc)? And what about the other Theaters that had ‘mile stones’ in June? eg Italy – fall of Rome 5th June 1944,

    (not going to mention the general lack of media attention to the eastern front or the far east….)


    Hi Nat

    A good question to prompt discussion.

    From my point of view, I would love to engage more with anything Italian Campaign wise.
    As a manufacturer, the bottom line is we require income and as a result, have ranges based on what is ‘believed’ to be the most likely to bring in said income.
    This ‘belief’ is based on peoples own experiences (those who make the design choices), what is (not) taught history wise in schools and the theatres our customer base is ‘believed’ to most likely know about and therefore most likely to buy into.

    Rightly or wrongly it means our great range of mini’s grow based on these facts and most European or States-based companies marketing will, therefore, be grounded in Europe

    invisible officer

    A good question.

    The classic answer among military historians is that it was the one that had biggest effect.

    In WW II all staff officers knew the Alps. WW I had shown that they made a big obstacle. The Italian army, incl. Alpini, failed there in 1915 against KuK Standschützen militia. So all the victories south of these mountains had little effect.

    Many forget that until VE there are parts of Western Europe under German control, not just the Channel Islands.
    Victory had to be won by taking Berlin. Not Rome or Paris. And the way to the Rhine was via the Channel.


    Also, keep in mind that the average Joe (count me in) learn more about war through movies than through History lessons.
    Plus in History course, you’re teached about history, not about military engagement.
    Obviously those are components of History but just part of it.

    You could also ask the same question regarding WWI. Most people think that conflicts were limited to Verdun.

    I personally learned only last year that WWI was way more leathal than WWII.

    Also, if operation Dynamo is well known by British people, I have to admit that it was not the case for French (me included) until Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.


    I for one am definitely interested in some of the more obscure theatres. The Italian theatre interests me. As well as others such as Burma and China.


    I am building up boards and forces for to fight on Crete and I did not realise(until I did a bit of reading) that Allied forces fought on the Greek mainland briefly before having to leave rather quickly. Would love to fight a scenario in Greece.


    If youre interested in the Mediterranean side of Europe I think Malta could easily be set.

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