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    New errata dropped today.

    It’s up to 46 pages now

    New generic transports are neat and welcome.

    The Case Blue national rules being permission only is a big bummer. I’m not sure where this puts the minor Axis powers now.

    Hungarian cavalry can charge now. Great!

    German stuff got tweaked and more expensive

    British got a new LMG team?

    Nothing for Soviets

    Tank Riders are even worse


    All the national, unit and theater rules in campaign books have ALWAYS been TO/Opponents permission only… people just dont play it that way- theres also optional rules in the armies of… and main rulebook that people play as standard allowed rules <shrugs>

    Tiger Fear is still a mess and should be binned… personally I’d change it to a reserve rolls modifier for western allies vehicles only

    Tank riders – TBH its a free rule, and gamers are finding interactions that werent thought of when the v1 books were written…

    And yes 46 pages… or about 30ish if you take the unit stat blocks out.. is too long…

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    Eric T Holmes

    … and since when is a screen door a closed solid door?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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