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    (1) Is it possible to have say an army built from 2 platoons, each platoon being of a different nationality. I was thinking, for example, of an Afrika Korps platoon alongside Italian allies.

    (2) also, if I may ask: multi platoon armies share the same dice bag with a max 12 dice, correct? (I.e. there is no need for two sets of dice of different colours for each platoon)

    Thanks in advance.


    Its your game… play as you want.

    However as far as the main rulebook goes – no there is no provision for multi-nation forces. There may be in one of the campaign books.

    Personally I would say go for it but with the following restiction: You must pick one Nation to be the lead nation who is to have 60%+ of the points and gets 100% of their rules, the other nation(s) can never amount to more than 40% and may never take any free units or national rules that affect more than the individual squads.

    Also I would amend the ‘snap to’ rule to inclued the restriction on only working on their own Nation.

    2) Correct in the fact that there is no need to split your dice between platoons… incorrect in the max of 12… Tournaments will put that restriction in place to keep it as fair as possible and enabling the games to be played in a resonable time frame, but as far as the rules go – if you have the points then go for it.

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    Page 215, main rule book “Multi-player Games” has rules/suggestions for multi-national forces.
    Talks about force composition, national rules and dice options.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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