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    HellRaiser 7

    When a Flame Thrower team fires at a Target, does it add a -1 for long distance if the target is more that halfway (more than 3 inches)

    and does a Flamer Thrower get  the Point Blank +1 when under 6 inches (which of course it’s always under 6 inches cause that’s maximum range.
    I cannot find the answer to both questions in the rule book or any of the FAQ/Errattas

    Thank You

    Jacob Carter

    Yes to both questions, since the flamethrower is at point blank it always applies +1; however it also will apply long range at 3”-6” for -1

    Effectively you will role 2s up to 3” and 3s up to 6”, so long as you don’t have other modifiers.  Pistols should also follow this method

    HellRaiser 7

    By following the normal shooting/to hit rules, that’s what you should do, seen so many argue about it, was wondering if somewhere it specifically clarified it for a Flame Thrower Team.

    and Thank you Jacob

    Greg S

    The only special rule is for cover and down.

    So all other modifiers apply: pins, range, movement, small target etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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