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    Tim Haslam

    So, lockdown! It sucks.
    To be fair I have painted up figures that have sat on my shelf unfinished for a long time!

    Plus I’ve even hosted my first game of BA using Zoom app!

    Anyhow this got me thinking, I’m fortunate enough to own a fair few armies, so I can host the games at my house whilst my gaming buddies just play the mini campaign?

    I say mini campaign, because I don’t want to go into supply logistics etc. But maybe just a few days of part of a bigger historical event. For example, the battles in and around Pegasus Bridge (probably not a very good example, but you get my idea)

    What I’m after are ideas and especially any digital maps that we can use?

    For allied forces I can supply, British Paratroopers, US mobile infantry, and partisans or resistance fighters.

    Ive got a stack of German army, vehicles, etc!

    So something around Normandy may work?




    Greg S

    Market Garden is the obvious one.

    The Americans have to fight a number of battles to break through to relieve the Paras.  The Paras have to fight a holding action at the bridge and at Oosterbeek in the hope of rescue by the Americans.

    I know it is not quite historically accurate, but it would do the job.

    Game 1 the Amercans must traverse a road the length of the table and suffer amushing attacks from the Germans along the length.  American vehicles may no leave the road.

    Game 2 Americans must push through a town defended by Germans.  Any Americans that get though are used to relieve the Paras in game 3.

    Game 3 The paras north on the Bridge are in houses and are surrounded by a superior German force (at least twice as large).  Surviving Amercans arrive on turn 4.  Any survivors may reinforce the Paras in game 4.

    Game 4, again the Paras are surrounded in the town of Oosterbeek.  Any surviving Paras and Americans arrive to relieve the Paras later in the game.

    Tim Haslam

    Thanks Greg,

    So I need Market Garden then?

    although your quick list seems useful! Lol

    Paul Nettle

    My club play campaigns using the Battlefront “Firestorm” system.  They do a board-version of Market Garden which my club have played twice, converting the company-level rules to platoon-level rules.  My club have also played the board-version of ‘Bagration’ and the online pdf campaigns for Normandy, Gazala and Tunisia.  These are good, fun campaigns but favour the defender a lot.  I played in a weekend campaign using the market Garden board-game (but fighting the battles table-top) and the Germans won easily.

    Greg S

    I haven’t read the Market Garden campaign book.  But a reading of the history online should give yo an idea of the battles involved.

    There is one Market Garden scenario in the British book IIRC.

    Tim Haslam

    Yes! Looked at the FoW campaign map.

    I’ve ordered the Market Garden book to see if it will work.

    funnily enough it’s probably one of only a couple I haven’t got!

    Paul Nettle

    The FOW Firestorm map may not make sense without the rules, which are quite complicated.  Things like airdropped supplies, air interdiction of reserves, the reserves themselves – which impact games hugely – and the free troops to defend bridges and airfields.  But I am sure you can make those up yourself.  But if you can find a boxed game (they are currently out of print) I suggest it is a very good purchase.  Especially if you have multiple players in the campaign, which Firestorm is designed for.

    Thomas Schumacher

    Look at the Company Command in the Battle of France book.  You can set it up to play 3 linked scenarios as written, or I have taken it to 5 scenarios, with some playing multiple times based on who wins that round of play either Allies or Germans.  We are just starting Scenario 3, next month.   Basically if more games are decided for either side, then in the next game, each side either gets something extra or they don’t.  Example, in Scenario 1 (500 points)  the Germans won that round 3 games to none, so in Scenarios 2 (750 points) the Germans got 3 minefields, 1 was a dummy, and the Allies got a Prep Bomb, on a 4+ not 2+.  Germans won Scenario 2 Round 1,  3-1.  Round 2 went to the Allies 3-0.   Allies got an extra 125 points for round 2.   If we would have played Scenario 2 for a third time, the Allies would have gotten an extra 250 points total.

    So far its working out great, and the group likes it.  Adds a lot to the game.  No crazy charges with your troops as you need to keep them around.  Look up Tri State Bolt Action OH-KY-IN on Facebook or Tom’s Basement  for some AAR’s



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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