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    HellRaiser 7

    In the Minefield rules (which are posted in several campaign  books) it does not state how to allocate wounds on Infantry units. The rules states when a unit enters the minefield, you treat it as an Ambush, and you have your Opponent stop advancing his unit at any time while moving through the minefield. Then you roll to see if the minefield explodes. Roll a D6 dice and the minefield strikes the unit on: Inexperienced +3, Regular +4, Veteran +5. Then a Non-Armored unit has a +2 pen and Armored +3. My question is how do you determine the number of  wounds does a squad take with several models? For example a standard 10 man infantry squad enters the minefield and they have activated a mine (s). We made the decision every model in the minefield takes a +2 pen when rolling to wound. For example, a Veteran 10 man squad enters the minefield, roll a D6 dice and it came up a 5, that means the mines strikes, and then we rolled 10 D6 dice (cause 10 soldiers were in the minefield) with +2 penetration needing a 3 or better for Veterans to wound (kill) . Any surviving  Soldiers then continue there movement  (of course you roll D3 for pins, then do a morale check if 50% or more got wiped out before continuing).Is this the correct way to administer the minefield rules? I’m asking for clarification cause every Campaign book I checked that had minefield rules did not explain how many wounds does an Infantry squad takes. The minefield rules are all written the same from the older campaign books  (like Duel in the Sun) and in the newer books (like the  DDAY and Italy:Soft Underbelly). I’ve used minefields several times over the years (5-6 times) and never had a Infantry Squad get a mine strike so we never worried about wounding. I’m dead serious, in one game a half truck took a hit, in another instance one single model ( platoon leader ) received a mine strike so we just added +2 pen to his wound and he died, and the other 4 games with minefields some were cleared by Engineers or units went through the minefield and none of their D6 rolls caused a mine strike. So I just wanted to see how other players are playing minefields or Warlord give a ruling. We are about to start a couple campaigns which will have minefields on the table numerous times and we just want to play it the right way. Thanks Ed


    Stuart Harrison

    Using the D-Day Overlord version (p193)

    There is only one hit to allocate per dice that scores – there is nothing suggesting the minefield is treated as HE, and nothing suggesting it is one hit per man/model.  The minefield gets 1 dice if crossing at an advance, 3 if crossing at a run.  D3 pins apply instead of the normal 1 for being hit.

    You’re making minefields significantly more deadly than the authors wrote them.

    You roll to wound with +2 pen for non armoured targets, or +3 for armoured targets.

    Paul Nettle

    I also found this somewhat open to interpretation.  My groups plays it as: a 10 man squad of veterans crosses a minefield – I roll 10 dice and those that come up as a 5+ are hits.  I know this is not as written in the rules, but this is the way that makes the most sense to my wargames group.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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