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    Hello! Watching this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUSvGfpC9f4 ) about the airstrike! release, I was wondering if there were any news concerning the release of the midway starter set with even more air-to-ground rules being mentioned in the video.


    Are there any news about its contents or an aprroximate release date maybe?


    well over on the BRS Facebook group… one of the guys with an insight has said it should be out this year (was slated for last year ..but covid happened)
    so here’s a copy of what they put


    [quote]All models are going to be in “Warlord” resin. Fighters are assumed to have associated Aces.
    Midway Starter set. New starter set containing rules , scenarios, 6 each Wildcat and A6M2 Zeroes (all new sculpts) plastic measuring tools etc. This will replace the current Battle of Britain set and complement not replace AirStrike.
    Midway USN Bombers. Dauntless & Devastators – (3 each) Renders and artwork seen
    Midway IJN Bombers. Val and Kate – (3 each) artwork seen
    Hellcat Squadron and Ace – Renders and Artwork seen
    Avenger Squadron – Renders seen


    Incase people have missed it… the midway box (and others) are going up for pre order tomorrow (21st August)

    John Berryman

    Now it’s mid October, and we are still waiting. It wouldn’t be sitting on a container ship, off the coast of California would it? If it is, we need to go get it.


    From the last WG’s newsletter:

    We want to thank everyone who has pre-ordered the brand new Blood Red Skies starter set and associated releases. Demand has been sky-high! For those who have already pre-ordered – Good news! You will still receive your new aircraft this month.

    However, as a result of the high demand the Midway starter set and all related releases will be unfortunately delayed slightly until November, which does at least give you extra time to take advantage of our pre-order bundles and nab the exclusive Catalina miniature, if you have yet to do so.


    I was speaking to some Warlord guys over the weekend and they mentioned the first batch of Midway Starter Sets were now in Nottingham, so should be in peoples hands “soon”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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