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    So far I’ve got one of each squadron painted plus the aces and the BoB box, so, for once, I’m pretty up to date with my painting for at least one IP.

    Still, I have some work pending around:
    – put the decals on all of them
    – repaint the Zeroa squadron
    – maybe repainted the second 109 squadron as I’m not sure of one the main colour I used

    As I will definitely get one (if not all) of the bombers box, I want to get everything settled by the time they come.

    So I’ll use this thread as a motivator by claiming publicly what my goal is and either reach it or deserve the community shame (but please don’t throw me stones).

    Glanzered Zeros
    The Zeros received a Glanzer bath this week-end to remove the previous paint job.

    Prmed Zeros
    I primed them yesterday evening with a P-U primer which I let dry for 24h.

    Tonight I should have at least put the green and grey schema (maybe with some black around the engine) and some glossy varnish.


    Based Zeros
    Done for today.
    Finally added red noses and it works quite well.
    Unfortunately I didn’t gloss varnished them as I already put the airbrush in cleaning mode for the night.

    Anyway, this session was quite informative as it was the first time I use the Mr Hobby brand.
    Airbrushing it was quite nice but requires more dilution than I expected.
    It seems to require more time to dry than the usual Vallejo paints I’m used to deal with.
    A consequence was that I applied the masking tape a bit too early so I had to adjust it with a brush when it could have been avoided. Lesson learned.

    I made some research this week about the Japanese ace Saburo Sakai and apparently the only A6M5 painting schema he pilots was the green and gray one as found here which suits me.
    Saburo Sakay A6M5

    The only drawback is that the decals won’t really match the historical part. I’m not that much into historical accuracy so I can deal with that but I know some may burn me for heresy ^^


    I’m trying to figure how all the decals for the zeros are supposed to be put on them :/
    I made some research but it’s hard to find something that match the Warlord’s sheet 🙁
    If anyone can help me, please shoot.


    So far I found those useful pages.

    It may be enough to sort it out but I’m still a bit confused by how they are grouped on the sheet and the extra decals. Some are quite obvious but others not that much. 🙁


    Finally I was able to get something fully completed
    My second Spitfire squadron with decals and varnished
    Spit 1
    spit 2
    And my remade Zeros with decals and varnished
    Zeros 1
    Zeros 2

    Basic painting is done on the second Messerschmidt squadron, the JU-88s and the Blenheims. I still need to add some color marking on them before I can gloss varnish them, paint the canopies, put the decals, wash them and finally mat varnish them.

    Let’s hope the weather will stay cool for a while.


    Going forward on my painting projects have been quite difficult lately. When it’s not the weather, it’s the real life or some logistic constrain.
    Still, I achieved a few steps, one after another so here is my first fully painted Messerschmidt squadron WITH decals:

    Those were initially made with an dark green / olive brown camouflage but it was lacking contrast so I restarted from scratch.
    Unfortunately I went too contrasted this time and, as I rushed the masking part, the camouflage is not as good as it was initially (not really
    a real schema). Nevertheless, I’m happy with the result. I have to admit that the decals are helping a lot here.

    I also went forward with my bombers:
    The Blenheim

    The Ju-88

    Between the slow progress, the even more missed camouflage on the Junkers, all the parts I broke on the bombers and other little frustration, I completely rushed the canopies.

    I had to finish them even if I didn’t make it as good as I expected initially. They are missing a wash and a matt varnish but I’m not sure how to apply the wash due to the little amount of detail on those models. So maybe I’ll correct a few things before sealing them.

    In the end, I found them “good” enough to play them, knowing that I won’t use the bombers that much in a near future. Let’s just move on and make the next part properly.

    Next part will be adding decals to the second Spitfire and Messerschmidt squadrons. Then the Mustangs and the Yaks.


    Here come the second (technically the first I painted) Spitfire and Messerchmidt squadrons with decals.
    Spitfires with decals 1
    Sptfires with declas 2
    Messerschmidt with decals 1
    Messerschmidt with decals 2

    I know, the pics are not framed properly 🙁


    And the last squadrons are completed:

    The Yaks

    The Mustangs

    I’m happy to call it done even if I can’t wait to get some news planes to paint.


    The Wildcats are finally done.
    While the painting was done weeks ago (monthes), the decals were still pending. Unfortunately, I have nothing to make a proper specific marking for Joe Foss’ plane.

    Brits’ marking is yet to be done.

    Meanwhile, German’s reinforcement is being prepared.
    German's reinforcement

    Charge The Guns

    More lovely sets of plains. I particularly like the Mustangs; Cadillac of the skies!


    Thanks a lot.

    I agree for the Mustangs, those are quite showing off.


    Reinforcements arrived !



    Nice work!

    You have me looking at BRS now…


    Thanks a lot.
    I’m glad that sharing those pics makes someone give some interest in the game.


    After a while far for the painting table I finally get the courage to face the decals part (definitely not my favorite part).
    I decide to apply Henry Ford’s doctrine and I have to admit that it was pretty efficient so 3 squadrons now have their marking.

    Here come the Hurricanes:
    Hurricanes from above

    Hurricanes from below

    Fokewulf 190A:
    FW190A from above

    FW190A from below

    Bf110 from above

    Bf110 from below

    The Mosquito squadron is painted but is still waiting his squadron specific decals set due to FLGS being a bit overwhelmed lately.

    I won’t expect April’s and March release until end of next week so I may complete the Kates and an extra Yak 1 squadron with Yak 3 scheme in the mean time.

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