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    So, late war the Germans started recruiting non-Aryans. So my question is treat them as normal late war ss squads or as normal veteran Italian squads? Question might not be clear, give them the fanatics rule and normal ss weapon load outs or just treat them as veteran Italian infantry with the Italian rules and load outs? Hope that is clearer.

    Paul Nettle

    It is up to you really.  As they were in German units I would treat them as normal SS units.  Given they were recruited from former Fascists I think that Fanatics may be appropriate.  Also, they were recruited after Italy had surrendered – and formed for the the Italian Socialist Republic so Italian rules may no longer be appropriate.

    invisible officer

    Non aryans? But you ask for the Italians.   No racist ideology problems for the Nazi scum.


    Late 43  15.000 volunteers went to Germany for training to form 29. Waffen-Grenadier – Division der SS = Italienische SS Division 1.  But 9.000 soon got kicked out, being of no military use.

    It went to Italy as : Six Grenadier and a Füsilier Battalion.  Art and AT  in some numbers but just a weak Pionier company.  Mostly in Anti Partisan war , together with 13 militia battalions but surprisingly effective at Anzio and Nettuno against the Allies.


    In sept. 44 the rest became a Brigade.

    So use the core unit like German SS and the militia part as low quality.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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