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    Hi all

    the Italian rule says that the opponent cannot run in the first round, but if in the first wave there was a piece of artillery, is it logical that this cannot enter?  This can be in contrast with the fact that in the first wave, everything must enter?




    In situations like this (improvable object meets unstoppable force) I normally follow the rule of  must over rides cant.

    So the cant run stipulation doesnt stop a unit from receiving a run order but rather moving at double speed.  As an large gun being man handled cant move at double speed anyway I’d say it can still move.  However that infantry unit if it gets a run command then it would just move and advance speed and lose the ability to fire.

    Stuart Harrison

    FAQ under Armies of Italy and the Axis:

    “If I play with an Italian army in a attacker-defender scenario, the
    enemy can’t do a Run order in the first turn if the Italian is the
    defender. Can an artillery unit move onto the board in the first turn
    if it is in the first wave (it only can move with a run order)? And a
    fixed weapon (it only can move with a run order)?
    By a strict application of the rules, those units would not be able
    to enter the game, so you must leave them in Reserve instead,
    even in scenarios that do not allow reserves”.



    thank all.

    First rule: always look in the FAQ … thanks Stuart 🙃

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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