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    Just opened my starter set and am confused about the movement ruler. Mine starts with a “3” and in the manual the pictures show a “2”.
    Is the movement ruler correct or is there a mistake on it?

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    No it’s not a mistake – but the ruler is wrong anyway. Somewhere in printing they managed to mess with the scale. The increments are supposed to be 1″ but when you lay it out it’s sadly not. This makes no difference in play at all unless you and your opponents are using different measuring sticks, such as third party ones. Personally I would buy a 3rd party measuring stick early – the one in the starter set looks ok but once you start using it you realise you need to mess about lifting the model and stick when you use it – the 3rd party versions tend to work on the side of the base so you just lay them down next to the model and move along, I know I have explained that badly but I’m sure once you have played a couple of turns you will understand

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    You do have a line where the 2″ measurement is, as the number is under the line.

    However I will say that a number of people (my self included) don’t use the measure stick that comes with the starter as its a bit cumbersome due to the fact you put the base on the rule then have to move the rule. I have an alternate one that measures to the side of the base rather than the back


    edit – to expand on what Renko said above, with the measure stick I linked where the numbers are is an indent for you to move the base to after putting the stick next to your aircraft with the indent by the BRS logo next to the base.

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    Thanks. Took a look in Thingiverse as I have a 3D printer and lo and behold there is an STL there to print out proper ones. I don’t think I should have to pay for something that was wrong out of the box. To me, that should be replaced for no extra cost to me.
    Here is the link to the printable version.


    Created a new tool for BRS that handles the move aspect, and is marked so you know your 45 degree turn at the end easily. Will have a slot for the firing range ruler as well. Will post the STL file when complete.


    For those who just want to give a try at print and glue on cardboard, have look at this PDF

    I’ve used a 1″ step and 40mm diameter. No chance to try it yet but I think it could do the trick.

    There’s also a A4 version

    Be sure to print it at 100%

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