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    I hope someone can help. I am going to paint my S-Boats for Cruel Seas. Great models guys!!!
    On the painting guide it says next to the 3rd picture to paint the “pipe with Hull Red”. What do they mean by the pipe? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    invisible officer

    it might have help to tell what painting guide you refer too. My S-Boot box has None. You tube or similar?

    Let me list what was red on Schnellboote.
    The number I use is from the WW II Kriegsmarine Color list.

    22 Schiffsbodenfarbe Rot was used on the hull, invisible on the waterline Warlord model. (The waterline was 23 Wasserlinienfarbe WL I Grau dark Grey )

    Rescue material like rings and rafts could be painted in Grey but normally for visibility in use 93 Kaiserrot (A Kind of dark orange)

    On left side of Bridge the area around the port light was painted red for daylight. (Starbord green)

    Some boats had red tactical signs at the Bridge, but theay are few.

    Boats in Black Sea had the deck around the bow 2 cm gun painted red and White as aerial markings.

    The only other thing red was the Kriegsarine ensign.

    But a pipe?


    I am sorry Invisible Officer. I should have made that more clear. The painting guide I am referring too is the Cruel Seas Quick Start guide that is included in the starter set that I purchased. The color listed is Army Painter Hull Red. It looks more brown the red.
    Can anyone help out?

    Troy Hill

    Does anyone have a link to the painting guides from the CS Box?

    Zloy Krolik

    There is a small pipe just behind the aft gun mount on the starboard side of the housing.

    invisible officer

    The “pipes” on the models all look similar.May be for easy casting.

    Starting from aft there are the 2 Nebelkannen / smoke dischargers, painted darker Grey.

    Some deck Ventilators (That all have a wrong form here) . Many paint the vertical opening red but that is wrong in Kriegsmarine or wartime Royal Navy. They got painted Grey.

    And on S-38 between aft gun and engine room top the reserve compass housing. Grey.

    Not one of these was painted red in wartime Kriegsmarine.

    William Sheil

    It has just occurred to me that the red “pipe” (or piping) might refer to the stripes visible on either side of the cabin in the image on the cover of the S-Boat painting guidebook:

    Shipcraft 6: German S-Boats

    invisible officer

    That’s S-204, CO Lang. The stripe at the Bridge is reconstructed red by some, black by others. It was a tactical marking System used by 4th flotilla for some time.

    Lang’s boat had a big black Panther below the Kalotte and aft a comet over a TA cypher.

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