• Charge the Guns,

    Thank you. Yes, I am sure if Warlord does come out with Croats and Cossacks, they would be resin which would work just fine for me. Thank you for your thoughts on the Finnish light horse. I am not too familiar with the Swedish forces of the era, but I see this troop type in a lot of the historical battles.


  • Hello everyone,

    I know that Epic Pike and Shoote is just getting rolling. I have bought into the game and am working on a 30 Year War Imperialist force. My mate is doing Swedish forces. I was wondering about the possibility of down the road Warlord Games would make some Croat and Cossack light cavalry miniatures. They are a big part of the…[Read more]

  • I am really excited about the new range the Perry’s are working on Franco Prussian War and I was wondering if anyone has heard if Warlord is looking at a FPW supplement? This era could really use some creative specialty rules and I think it would be a great period for a group to work on.


  • As my topic title says does anyone know if any new Korean War miniatures are in the works? Interestingly in my area The Korean War has become really popular in our group with many players building forces. As of yet there are many holes in the line that could be filled. Id love to see some Chinese and North Korean plastic boxes come out to help us…[Read more]