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    On long range heavy weapons (except its shape charge) gets -1 pen against armoured targets. If HMG (+1 pen) is shooting at inexperienced armoured car (DV 7+) at long range, pen value reduced to 0, but does HMG shot still count as heavy weapon in regarding able to still pin that vehicle? Regular and veteran vehicles cannot be pinned, since maximum penetration roll is 6 (pen 0), thus not able to match 7+ DV.

    Fully enclosed inexperienced vehicles receive a pin marker
    every time they are hit by an enemy unit firing a heavy
    weapon (or any other attack that has a Pen value of at least
    +1), regardless of whether the hit can actually damage the
    vehicle or not.

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    Is it a heavy weapon – yes
    Does the base Pen change – NO! (The only thing that I’m aware of in the whole game that changes a base pen value is a german MG rule in one of the DDay selectors)
    Does the heavy weapon have additional modifiers that apply to the Damage calculation- yes

    It even says – Regardless of if the hit can damage it!

    So the HMG is ALWAYS a heavy weapon and can ALWAYS pin an inexperianced vehicle.

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    The weapons chart at the back of the rule book lists HMG under Heavy Weapons, and not Small Arms.

    As far as I understand, a HMG at its long range is a penetration 0 weapon vs the front of armoured targets and would not qualify for pins.

    Hmm this is far from clear from the rules as written. See what Stuart says when he finds this.

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