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    Cat Shot One

    Looks like a great Scenario, very different from anything before. Cheers!
    I’m not sure though how to pick the right card for the RAF planes since the names are different:
    What’s a RAF Mustang I un USAAF parlance? A P-51B? A P-51D?
    Spitfire VB should work for Spitfire V, I reckon.

    Any recommendations on the size (and shape) of the Warspite marker?

    Hypothetically and perhaps of relevance for Air Strike: How would one realize from this target card alone that the Warspite has a light Flak armament (assumption there is another possible class also)?

    By the way, this scenario has the same deployment sequence hickup in the text as the one before. Same solution (least planes = Luftwaffe)?


    Regarding the forces description: bith German elements are described 3xFw190A pilots skill 4, pilot skill 3.

    What’s the correct skill level for each?

    Small details: theatre cards mention “Radio Jamming” the actual card is simply named “Jamming”.

    I don’t find the ‘head-on attacks in my collection, where can it be found?

    Regarding deployment sequence, as mentioned by Cat Shot One, it’s even more confusing
    In this scenario the Germans are one plane under but have the ‘resctrited airfields’ card reducing the opposing force by one plane thus going even.
    Should we dice it or go by the ‘RAF first then Luftwaffe’?

    Tom Mecredy

    Hi guys,

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the scenarios – I’d like to apologise for my abysmal proof-reading. 😉

    I’d suggest that the Luftwaffe go first in this scenario.

    As for the size of the Warspite marker, let your imagination run riot – I’ve been using poker chips, but anything works.


    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the feedback. Don’t blame your proofreading, if do it yourself, you’ll miss a lot of thing. That’s true for everyone, and that’s why someone else has to do it 😋

    Extra question:
    ‘Hardened’ on the cars and mentions hull point damage when strafing but the strafing rule mentions hit point.
    Does a strafing success generate both hit and hull point damage when bombing only generate hit point (no hull) damage?
    Or does strafing generate only hull and bombing only hit point?


    Edit:not ‘hardened’ but ‘ship’ 😱

    Cat Shot One


    are you the scenario designer, is that right? I can only second Koin-Koin’s advice: Have a second person read your latest version (I’m avoiding the word “final” here). Better even, have it played by people other than the designer.
    I have to add, the Pilot Skills of the RAF pilots are also unclear, since they come in 3 per element (perhaps it was 2 in an earlier version).

    Another point that gets me pretty confused: Bombing vs. Strafing
    So the FW-190s are dropping bombs (says the intro text) but I think we are to ignore any word related to “bomb” and shall focus on “strafing” only. Is that right? Ignore all references to “Bombing run”? (mentionend under “Hardend” on Warspite target card)
    What are “Point hits” (called “Hit Points” in “Butcher Birds” before)? Can they be ignored for this specific scenario?


    My understanding so far on the cards stats:
    -hit points = life points
    -hull points = life points too (consider it a second life jauge)
    -hull points <> armour points
    -hardened value = armour points against bomb
    -armoured value = armour points against strafing

    @Cat Shot One, don’t forget that some paragraphs like the special rules are just a reminder of the rule books (available or to be released) which explain why some points mentioned in it may seems out of scope.

    Bill McGill

    Mustang 1 was a P51A. Therefore, it had the Allison engine, not the Merlin as the scenario implies. The Mustang 1A specified in the scenario had an armament of 4x 20mm cannons

    For the Spitfire V, the B of the mark specifies the armament. The Spitfire VB had 2x 20mm cannon and 4x .303 MGs. The less common Spitfire VA had 8x .303 MGs. The Seafire III would have had the same armament as the Spitfire VB.

    Cat Shot One

    thanks for the research and for making the connection to history/reality. I see I forgot the “A” in “Mustang 1A” and realize that it matters. I didn’t know there were cannon armed Mustangs before!
    Now in game terms, what would all that mean? Which aircraft cards are meant to be used?
    Perhaps this is a question best answered by Tom/Warlord Games?

    Koin-Koin, I understand your point about future rule references. But with “Air Strike” months away and the D-Day campaign being currently in progress (and the scenarios yelling at me “play me!”), we ought to have sufficient clarity now.
    That may well mean that in order to include them in the “Air Strike” supplement later they may have to be touched again.

    Cat Shot One

    Warlords, any help on our questions?
    In its current form, I don’t know how to play this scenario
    (aircraft cards unclear, pilot skills unclear, unpublished action cards used).

    Does anybody have a clue how “Radio Jamming” will work and in which expansion it will be in?

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 10 months ago by Cat Shot One.

    I get radio support in one of my late but so it maybe in the RAF or the Luftwaffe card pack (I have to check once back at home).

    Jamming is a theatre card that cancel the opponent’s radar support card.

    I don’t really get the point to get those two cards in a scenario as it ends as none of them where used. Unless each player has to choose one card between the two they’re offered.

    Tom Mecredy

    Use the P-51 Mustang card included with the P-51 Mustang box.

    Pilot Skills are as follows:
    Luftwaffe Elements:
    – Element 1: Pilot Skill 4, Pilot Skill 3, Pilot Skill 3.
    – Element 2: Pilot Skill 4, Pilot Skill 3, Pilot Skill 3.

    RAF/FAA Elements:
    – Element 1: Pilot Skill 4, Pilot Skill 3, Pilot Skill 3.
    – Element 2: Pilot Skill 4, Pilot Skill 3, Pilot Skill 3.

    The card selection is intentional.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 10 months ago by Tom Mecredy.
    Cat Shot One

    Ah, P-51D it is. Thanks for the clarification, Tom. I hope I find the time to play it soon.

    Koin-Koin, according to the theatre/weather card chart which Renko posted, there will be a “Radar Jamming” (already a change of the recently printed “Jamming”?) as well as a “Radio Jamming” card. So no instant elimination here.

    However, another card doesn’t make sense. I saw that the “Head-on Attack” card comes with the J2M Raiden squadron:

    Its purpose in this scenario however is a complete mystery to me. Neighter is there a “Heavy Hitter” plane nor a multi-engine aircraft present in this scenario.


    From Tom’s first answer I thought that radio jamming was just a typo in the scenario, but after re-reading it it could be both.
    BTW the Jamming card is from the Luftwaffe card box.

    My search-fu is quite weak lately, I could not find the Radar Jamming mention in neither in the doc or the posts beside your own mention here.

    BTW, I expected a new scenario today :/

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