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    Witch Racer

    Has any one used a horse drawn field wagon.
    If so I have two questions.
    1 How many points do they cost as I can not find the cost in the book only the cost for a horse drawn limber.
    2 How much can they carry. As I’m hoping to use it to carry a mortar/MMG team.

    Alan Hamilton

    This may be a duplicate post:

    The HF2 Wagon carried 1.72 tonnes and so can easily carry a Machine gun or mortar and ammo.  That said the MG team had two Infantry carts (eg IF8) drawn in tandem by one horse and a mortar team had 4 carts with 2 horses (2 carts in tandem per horse).

    I don’t have the Blitzkreig book but the older Germany Strikes has a Horse Drawn limber at 8 pts (inexperienced), 10 pts (regular) 12 pts (veteran)

    Damage: 3+ (literally soft-skinned)

    Weapons: None

    Tows: any gun or howitzer

    Special: Slow (when towing)


    invisible officer

    Hmm, “to use it to carry a mortar/MMG Team” sounds like you intent to use it as troop transport like a lorry. It was None. The Heeresfeldwagen carried some amo and the  baggage.  Sometimes some footsore Or hitched a ride but it was not allowed to travel on it if the feet are OK.


    It was no vehicle that would be seen in first line. Just in retreats………       I love the Warlord model anyway


    Alan Hamilton

    Yes, I should maybe have been clearer.  As IO just said the Hf2 wagon was a supply and ammunition carrier and not really for use in the front line.  The wagon issued to carry mortar or MG sections/detachments was the If8.  It is possible that in a retreat where a section’s If8 carts were destroyed or abandoned that the crew might man pack the weapons and if they were lucky enough to find an Hf1 or Hf2 with space they might chuck the heavy weapon on board.  Not likely but remotely possible.

    Much as I like adding odd units in our games I’d not use the Bolt Action Hf2 other than in a retreat scenario, as an objective in an ambush or raid by partisans or Maquis or as “eye candy” in a rear area.


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    The German Army book and some of the Campaign books list horse draw carts or something as transports, which is historical really, but one of the reasons I think that not a lot of players use them is that they are not easy to find. Good news is that Rubicon Models will be releasing a cart and horse kit in 28mm (1:56 scale) with options to build it as a one or two horse system. This kit will also be easy to modify as need. We might see more horse drawn artillery units in our games soon.


    invisible officer

    Hmm, that RM project looks like a peasant’s cart, not  a military one.


    Why are peoples not using the superb Warlord one?



    New stuff? I would be much more happy with a field kitchen or the German amo  cart.

    Alan Hamilton

    The Hf2 field wagon had a carrying capacity of 1.72 tonnes and so can easily carry a mortar and/or a machine gun team and ammo.   Historically the MG team had 2 IF2 carts drawn by one light draught horse and a mortar team would have 4 carts drawn by 2 light draught horses (2 carts in tandem to each horse).

    I do not have the “Blitzkrieg” book but the older “Germany Strikes” has the horse drawn limber as a “wheeled vehicle” and using the same stats is probably acceptable.

    Cost: 8 Pts (inexperienced), 10 pts (Regular), 12 Pts (veteran)


    Damage Value: 3+ (literally soft-skinned)

    Tow: any gun or howitzer.

    Special Rules: Slow (only when towing)

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