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    BRS Beta Stats
    Something of an announcement. Since BRS launched we have had numerous requests to give stats for all sorts of aircraft (including the Buffalo!). We have a large beta list of stats for planes that we have looked at – many of them we don’t ever really expect to see as models from Warlord. Andy has always been keen to publicly release the lists when the time is right, and we think that is about, well, now..

    We need to stress, these are Beta stats. If they ever make it into production there may be changes. This is also a “Living Document” so we will make changes based on any new info or comments we get. We are not infallible and welcome player input – so please let us know what you think (tag your post beta stat) however remember it has to be a reasonable argument not just that it’s your favourite plane!

    As we’re lifting a veil or two we think it would help explain the methodology of how we stat the planes.

    Speed is the top speed we can agree on from reliable sources. Each point of speed is 50mph and we round to the nearest, so 325mph is speed 6, 326mph is speed 7. There is also a “speed tower”. This is a list of all the raw mph speeds. We use it to ensure no two planes have the same mph speeds, so we sometimes buff or nerf a plane by a small amount to avoid initiative ties.

    Firepower and Agility are defined in the rules. There is always a discussion goes on when we assess these. Sometimes it is a coin toss, and we’re sure there are going to be plenty of debate as to what a particular plane should be. Agility isn’t just turning or wing loading, but includes factors such as acceleration and general pilot handling and “feel”. We also are hostages to our own previous decisions and have to try and ensure we are consistent, even if that leads to some anomalies.
    Traits are similarly a case of horse trading. No plane can have more than 2 positive traits or 1 negative trait. This is an artificial limit but a hard and fast one for game design reasons.

    Points – there is a cunning points system – multiply speed by the total of FP&Ag, then add or subtract the points for traits. Where there is a second figure here in bold this is where we have changed the points from what was originally on the cards (these were series 1 models)

    So there you go – enjoy!


    I know they didn’t get operational but is there any plans for Japanese jets?


    or should I just get an me262 and run it as a Ki201 protype?


    When we did the WW2 jet stats we set ourselves a limit of things we could show had flown operationally. It is a question of having a reliable source of info as much as anything. There is no real way of saying how planes that never flew, or only flew as prototypes would ever have performed. One day if BRS goes into Konflict 47 then maybe, but realistically it is a historical game so it’s unlikely anytime soon


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