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    Ken Jacobsen


    Does anyone have any experience running a Foreign Legion list?  I’m really wanting to get a list on the table, but every time I start putting one together I get to “Eh, not worth the time/effort/money” pretty quickly. No great options for mobile platforms that can put out good firepower; Legionnaires look cool, but the list seems painfully underwhelming.

    Is there any hope???



    Are you using a generic platoon or a specific TL from a campaign book?  if so which one?

    Are you just using FFL squads or are you putting FFL crew on weapon /artillery teams?

    But going off the Free French TL from the western deset
    1 x vet 1st LT + bodyguard
    1 x 6 man legion squad (3 SMGs & VB launcher)
    2 x 6 man legion squd + pistol legionnaire (1 VB launcher, 1 LMG)
    1 x vet MMG team
    1 x Vet M. Mortar with spotter
    1 x light howitzers with AT shell upgrade (FREE!)
    1 x Med. AT gun
    1 x marksman

    thats 9 orders for about 750 – 760 pts giving you about 250 to add some more bodies, HQ teams, transport/ tows etc.

    you’ve got a nice mix of fire base infantry, an assault unit, AT and templates…. and its all vets for keeps with the FFL theme

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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