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    Hi everyone.

    I have a question about the special rule of the Finns Master of the Hunt and Trained Huntsman.
    I can go from Advance to an Ambush. If I then release the ambush in the round to fire and fire, does the unit still get the -1 moved? So does that cancel the +1 bonus from Trained Huntsman?

    Stuart Harrison

    Your modifiers are based on the order you are on at the time modifiers are assessed – You are firing from Ambush (actually flipping your die to a Fire order), so no -1 for having moved, that only applies if you are firing as part of an Advance action.  Bolt Action doesn’t care how you came to be on your current order (or lack of one), just that you’re in that condition now.

    Another example of this is assaulting vehicles – a down order is treated as stationary when working out your ‘to hit’ rolls even if you came to be down after completing a Run and taking damage, or if you carried out a Recce move.


    Hi all!

    I’m just starting my Finn Army and have a few comprehension questions about it.

    (1) Following the rule about Trained Huntsmen, the following question came to my mind today:
    Do my units also get the hit bonus of +1 if they shoot with e.g. SMGs, but also have a Rifle as an alternative armament (like the Kaukopartio)?
    …, all models in the unit, that are armed with a rifle, …

    (2) Referring to the rule Retaining an order at the end of the turn (Ambush) from the core rulebook:
    Do my units armed with Rifle (when in AMBUSH) also get the +1 hit bonus (Trained Huntsmen) if they try to shoot at the end of the turn (on a 4+ of course)?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    Stuart Harrison

    1.   Bolt action writers are notorious for failing to specifically cover every possible rule interaction, particularly with ‘non standard’ units.  I would not try to claim a benefit from a weapon not actually being used that turn.  It’s not a fantasy game where talismans confer a benefit – having a rifle slung across your back or on the ground next to you won’t change how you use a SMG.

    2.   You would get the bonus.  Whether you trigger your ambush in response to enemy movement or with a successful roll at the end of a turn, you are still shooting from a ‘Fire’ order.


    Just to make sure at this point that we are playing the Sisu Army Special Rule correctly – is it correct that after upgrading to Veteran, my unit will also only be wounded on 5+ or does the Veteran bonus only apply to all moral and/or order tests? Thanks for the info!


    Yes, wounded (well, killed, removed) only on a 5+ after being hit (5 being the “penetration number” needed). But bear in mind some weapons have bonuses to penetration rolls.



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