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    Mark Prichard

    When troops are dug in, they are considered down even if they are not. The shooter suffers a -2 to the hit roll and halves the hits for HE. If given a down order it is compounded so -4 to hit, but does that mean it halves the HE hits again? So if you get 8 hits from an HE4 it would be halved to 4 hits and halved again to 2 hits?

    Also, if troops are in a trench can they be dug in in addition to the trench, or does the trench serve as dug in? In other words does a trench provide -2 for hard cover and then being dug in is an additional -2, or is it that being in a trench is considered dug so it remains just -2?

    Master Chief

    Bolt Action latest FAQ under erratas for D-Day Overlord:

    The Dug-in rules should be as follows:
    Dug In gives you the benefits of being Down (-2 to be hit, halves HE hits), and if you issue a Down order, you double the benefits (-4 to be hit, quarters HE).


    I think units in Trenches should just get Dug-in benefits, not hard cover ones as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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