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    I am annoyed that Warload Games has continually pushed back when the Italian Fleet will be released. I was going to get these as a naval link to my North African campaign. This was the main reason I got into Victory at Sea.



    It looks / sounds like its all hands to the pump to hit the promise of getting the BP Epic ACW & SPQR out at the end of the month…..

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    invisible officer

    There are problems in real world  that cause delays for most gaming companies. . Corona and Brexit for example. But also longtime problems with mould makers. Much demand, few makers in UK.


    Not everything is done “In house” by warlord. Even something simple like packing material can cause a long delay now.

    If just one item comes from abroad it can cause delays of many weeks now.

    Or someone important in the production line  no longer able to work.  In Germany a high quality WW II 28mm company closed following  C. caused tragedy. Not sure if it will open again.


    To wait is XXXXXXX  , I know it well. I wait for a book from Warlord, sent via UPS since end of January.  Announced for delivery tomorrow, the 7th time UPS names a date. And ever…………    Custom fuss caused by B. .




    Greg S

    There is currently a worldwide resin shortage, which will likely make the costs of plastics increase. I don’t know whether that will affect Warlord and other games companies, and in particular the VaS fleets, but it wouldn’t surprise me.




    Well as of wednesday, the RM should be shipping this weekend.


    Yay, my Order with the RM included the RN, the KM and my book so maybe I’ll finally get those.

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