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    Dear Warlord Games, I have been a very good boy this year and bought lots of your excellent models. As its nearly Christmas and this gets me first on the list can I start a list of models we would all like to see you make ?

    1. AEC Matador & 5.5 inch gun.
    2. Bedford QLD Truck.
    3. Bedford QLT.

    Charles Sherrange

    All i want is some plastic Italians. I will pre order a starter Italian army as soon as they are announced


    I agree, some plastic Italians to go with the new plastic Africa Korps and 8th Army. Some more new plastic early war tanks would be a bonus.

    Jim Ripley

    Yes plastic Italian troops and tanks ( a M13/40 or M14/41 ) and what about a Semovente da 75/18 . Would also like some small tanks like a Russian T-60 or 70 and a Japanese Type 95 HA-GO


    I join the chorus on plastic italians – would divide them in 2 kits
    a) with winter clothing and kit include helmets with alpini feathers and alpini caps besides normal helmets
    b) ‘regular’ clothing with bersaglieri helmets, cork ones and ‘bustina’

    a third kit with plastic folgore paratroops would be asking too much but would be awesome!

    Andy Lilof

    Oh good grief! A wish list…..where to start.
    Ok…agree with Gareth. let’s be having those…
    And ( bad form this but it reflects my need) LLOYD CARRIER!!!!!
    Pak 44 split trail ‘ the barn door’
    Anything remotely related to 21PZ Div.
    Plastic early war French ……And all the nice lafly variants.
    The crusader gun tractor ( it has a name but I’m having a senior moment right now)
    Reworked British plastics.( I know they’re ‘ on the list’ but…soon please!
    I will add to this😁

    Soviet 122mm gun….in German use…horse drawn.😉

    Slyde Klewlis

    All the still missing unit options they keep reprinting and adding in for the Japanese in the all the books.

    Does Germany really need production priority every other month?

    Come on seriously Warlord if you are going to include it within the rules you should offer it for purchase.


    I think that is a little unfair. Better to have the rules and no models than have no rules and no models. At least if the rules are there you can convert a model or buy it from a different manufacturer.

    While it might be inconvenient to those playing the game, we need to accept that some models may not be commercially viable for Warlord to make. They are a business after all. No harm in wishing though!


    For my own preferences:
    British, Indian and Commonwealth troops for the far east, both in Khaki Drill and Jungle Green uniforms.
    Mountain Howitzers for said troops.
    US infantry for the Pacific.
    More Free French Colonial troops, so they can form a full platoon rather than just an additional squad in a French platoon.

    More early war plastic infantry for the big/popular armies and more metals for the minor powers.

    Just more of everything really.

    Slyde Klewlis

    Sorry if that came across as harsh. But this fact still remains true.

    The Japanese were in fact the other Major Axis power.

    The Armies of Imperial Japan book was published July 20, 2013.

    It has been a little over Five Years that South Pacific Theatre players have been patiently waiting for these units to be made available while more allied forces and German forces have been continually released.

    This issue needs to be justifiably addressed and dealt with.


    Redo plastic Infantry sets that don’t have the one piece arms…
    Plastic kits for trucks.
    Tank riders with body armor.

    Dr Dave

    A Loyd carrier to pull the 6pdr for units that did not land on D-Day.

    invisible officer

    Blitzkrieg stuff for me. French plastic infantry would be great.

    Even a simple true 1930/40 Panzer III E or early F with 3,7 cm KwK would be a hit.
    The plastic III available looks very different, well even the list of variants possible promised on box is very optimistic.

    The modeller in me would love a horse drawn 10,5 cm or 15 cm Feldhaubitze. Most German divisional artillery used the 1 HP Motor 39 – 45.

    Dr Dave

    IO, Good point on the Pz III E (or earlier types)

    So long as it has a turret stowage bin. You only see Panzers “sans bin” in Poland.

    invisible officer

    The pre series variants before E had all different track and wheel systems. A and B not even similar to C and D or each other . C and D differ not so much from each other but a lot from E / F .

    The just 15 + 30 C + D built will not sell much as Gaming models. And 10 each of A and B even worse.

    But the hundreds of E and early F with 37 mm ……

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