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    Witch Racer

    My wish list
    1 GMC M3 (75MM GUN ON M3 half track)
    2 T19 105mm GHC (105MM Howitzer ON M3 half track)
    SDKFZ 11 (something to tow my PAK 40)
    SDKFZ 251/21 ( SP AA )


    I just want some newer style plastic British infantry, plastic comet, plastic late Sherman and of course plastic jagdpanther


    Hungarian WW2 Cavalry in greatcoats (officer wearing this:


    Hi everyone,
    I have a soft-spot for the various conversions the Germans did where they tried to cram a far too big a gun onto a tiny tank chassis.

    We’ve already got the Marders and the 15 cm sFH auf Lorraine Schlepper(f) but there’s other examples.

    Vehicles like the Panzerjager 35R 731(f) which was based on the Renault R35.

    Then there’s the SIG33 Bison where the Pz I chassis got a 150mm howitzer added!

    Finally, a Romanian upgrade to their obsolete Renault R35 tanks with a 45mm gun which changed their appearance quite a bit. They were called Vânătorul de Care R35.


    Challenger A30 tank please.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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