Are the Warlord VAS the same ans the Mongoose version ?

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    I already have all of the Mongoose VAS books.  Are the Warlord versions any different  ?  If so how ?


    It’s based on mongoose’s v2 …not sure whats been changed but from what I’ve seen /heard from some of the YouTube videos it’s more tweeks than wholesale changed

    Greg S

    It essentially the second edition of the Mongoose version.


    Hi all

    Couple of questions.

    1: The fletcher class has the depth Charge trait but it is not in the Rulebook, is this for a future advanced rulebook ?

    2: ASW/Observation aircraft in Mongooses rules carrying Depth Charges if needed, is this gone now in Warlords rules?

    3: Radar, Bismark in the rules has Radar but according to the scouting only Destroyers and cruisers use this so what does it do for battleships ?

    I am assuming these things will come in a supplement maybe ?

    Thanks Pete

    Greg S

    I believe that there will be adavanced rules and  expanded fleet lists coming.

    I know Mongoose were planning a 3 book set before this became Warlord’s game.  I haven’t seen the rules in the starter game but I assume Warlord is planning something similar.


    Submersibles aren’t in the rules at this time, so there’s not much point in giving observation aircraft the depth charge trait.


    The primary author of the rules has been posting over at the DakkaDakka forum since early this year under the name “MongooseMatt” (he’s the one that first made me aware of this release).  Between items like the depth charges and radar on capitol ships (the American capitol ships all have Advanced Radar – Essex gets it right from the start, and both of the USN battleship classes get it in refits), and some of Matt’s comments over at DakkaDakka (for instance, he mentioned rules for submarines), it’s pretty clear that there are rules that aren’t included in the starter rule book.  I would hazard a guess that when the rule book is released separately, it will be much more exhaustive than the book that’s found in the starter.  Radar, for instance, will probably be useful during night battles, which were an important part of the era but aren’t mentioned at all in the rules that we now have.


    Hopefully we won’t have to wait long!



    I’m guessing December for release of the rulebook going off the release date of the convoy pack

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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