• Pete started the topic Ship points in the forum Victory At Sea 3 years, 8 months ago

    I have just got the Base set plus the German fleet with Bismark. Have the points been altered from the VAS2 that Mongoose was to release as the Bismark is now 450 points and was 600 ?

    I just hope it is tweaks and not dreaded typos again 🙁 as i have spotted a few already ion the ship cards


  • Hi all

    Couple of questions.

    1: The fletcher class has the depth Charge trait but it is not in the Rulebook, is this for a future advanced rulebook ?

    2: ASW/Observation aircraft in Mongooses rules carrying Depth Charges if needed, is this gone now in Warlords rules?

    3: Radar, Bismark in the rules has Radar but according to the scouting only…[Read more]