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    The most recent faq states that for new units: “ the rules in the unit’s entry say otherwise, new units in these books are limited to use for scenarios and selectors from that book only.”

    But what about new army rules or new equipment?

    The Italians have new army rules in several campaign books (Western Desert and the 2 Italian Campaign books)..So do the free french, and most Bolt Action events allow the complicated and varied British Commonwealth rules to be played at a tournament… yet there is not explicit rule about new army rules in tournament play. ..nor in any of the campaign books.

    Also, what about new equipment? Are they allowed in tournament play?(example: Demolition packs, rifle grenades, Canadian Mouse-holes, etc)

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    The answer to that is very nebulus…

    Its down to the TO…thats the bottom line of Tournaments.

    Its their choice to what books they allow… they can over-ride the FAQ, and often do limiting armies to units from X books… Some will make allowances for a specifc army ie theirs a tournament near me that will only allow armies of books, but allow the Australians from their booklet.

    I wish that WL changed that FAQ entry to remove the whole units being allowed in the generic platoon if stated – they should be for that campaign book /series only – or if balanced then added via the FAQ to the ‘armies of …’ book.  Far less issues, far more likely to have consistency (3 versions of chaplin, all with slightly different wording) and a lot less questions.

    L.T. Russell

    “…the complicated and varied British Commonwealth rules…”  They’re referred to as “The Cheaty British” by the group I play Bolt Action/Konflikt 47 with.  The folks planning on going to Las Vegas next year have been discussing running “Cheaty British” armies, I believe it’s the Indians?  You start with a free squad AND a free artillery observer?  Why not have a free 200+point advantage over other players….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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