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    Rules say at end of turn, you have a 50% chance, if you wish to try it, of making a group with Ambush take a shot instead.

    But in what order is this done?

    We had 5 in Ambush and the order would have affected who shot what.



    I’m just guessing, but what sounds reasonable to me is once all dice are played that turn, any unit in ambush wishing to try to shoot puts its die in the bag and draw. If your unit in ambush gets shot at first, it can pull its die to go down as a unit in ambush could have gone down. A unit in ambush that doesn’t put its die in the bag can also go down, but has no chance of trying to shoot that turn.

    Greg S

    If you have 5 units and ambush at the end of the turn and want to fire them, pick one to go first.

    If both players have them, I guess roll off to see who goes first, then alternate.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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