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    Slyde Klewlis

    Quoting from page 43 of the Second Edition Rulebook second paragraph under Ambush.

    “Alternatively, at this point a unit in Ambush can attempt to fire – roll a D6. On a 4+ the unit can fire normally and then place its order dice back in the dice bag. On a 3 or less, the unit does nothing and the Ambush dice is put into the bag – the unit has simply lost its concentration.”

    Question: Okay so st what point during the turn in which this rules procedure roll takes place does the Ambush dice get placed back into the dice bag. Does it get returned to the bag immediately during the same turn – or- does it go back into the dice back once the turn ends?

    Master Chief

    I think this paragraph refers to the end of the end when you are returning Order dice to the bag. You could choose to roll for every Ambush Order dice that has not been activated and apply the rule. Regardless of whether the dice roll was successful, the Ambush dice os returned to the bag with the other Order dice.

    Like Down, it could be maintained and carried over to the next turn.

    Stuart Harrison

    Sng Kian Yew is correct – this option is at the point of picking up the dice and putting them in the bag for next turn. You make the decision (attempt to shoot or leave in ambush) as you’re about to pick up each eligible dice and once resolved (if attempting to shoot) the dice goes in the bag.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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