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    I thought I had Air Strikes sorted until this happened..

    The original target moved.

    The wording in the book allows for 2 readings: (1) the airstrike is on the target regardless of where it is at time of strike., or (2) it targets the area where it was at time of designation of strike (or later when moved due to delay)

    If (2) it makes it hard to hit the target you want…

    If (1)  what happens if the target is killed before the air strike?



    Stuart Harrison

    Artillery barrage targets a point on the ground – units in the danger area can move away and are only at risk again if you get a delay and move the impact point.

    Air strike targets a unit – if the unit moves, the strike moves with it.  If the target is destroyed and you don’t get a rookie pilot or delay result, it’s wasted. (besides the rule stating you nominate an enemy unit, not a point or area, note the last para of the recce rule, p119.  It tells you you can’t recce from an air strike because ‘…the air strike does not require line of sight from the attacking plane and does not roll to hit, instead hitting automatically’.  The strike is very much on the target unit, otherwise you’d be able to leave it behind with a recce move)


    Thank you Stuart.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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