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    4Ground makes some nice buildings, but does anyone already make 6″ x 6″ modular building sections for Bolt Action? I did a quick look and couldn’t really find anything, but that doesn’t mean its not out there. I’m always finding unheard of useful gaming items at gaming conventions, so I’m just checking before I start making my own.

    For example, instead of having a house that is 12″ long and 6″ wide, it would be sectioned into two 6″ x 6″ sections – as recommended by the Bolt Action rules (page 123). Even larger buildings would be made up of three or more 6″ x 6″ sections.

    Taking larger buildings (like a large factory or town hall) and decoratively marking out 6″ x 6″ sections would be easy enough, but first I wanted to check to see if there was anyone out there that is already making modular 6″ x 6″ building sections designed for Bolt Action.

    Would be a bonus if these 6″ x 6″ sections can be switched out when that section is destroyed (blown to rubble, page 125).


    have a look at the factory and workers houses


    this uses loose bricks and rubble on clear bases.

    We also did a an Essen board with lots of houses….we tend to build from scratch or use the kits and then add detail.
    the rubble in the essen building is spefic for the house….its either blue foam(pained sanded and added bricks and tables etc) or a clear plastic with sand and bricks added). But ke sure your base is thick enough not to bend over time.

    You can then remove the rubble when a unit enters the building.

    If its loose bricks (which is not as mad as it sounds) you can just brush aside. Loose brubble can be used time and time again.


    harryb, thanks for the tip.

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