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    Just found out that a movie about the polish pilot squadron will be in theatre this fall.
    Dywizjon 303 trailer can’t be seen here

    I don’t expect it to be the best war movie ever but it looks more than decent so far.


    Both this and Hurricane (also about 303 sqn being formed and its roll in the Battle of Britian) have historically accuracy issues…reported on when they were released in Cinemars last year (England). However Dywizjon 303 has the better action sceens.

    This is all apparently, i’ve not seen either but want to see both of them. however they are both on DVD from Amazon(in English only sorry).

    invisible officer

    If you dislike the British – Dywizjon 303 is your film. The stupid and stereotype RAF men ever talking about Polish officers and airmen as ‘Bloody Poles’. Treating the poor guys badly.
    Details as ever……
    Radio broadcasts with presenters with American accent…..
    There was no Victoria Brown to become Zumbach’s girl friend. She’s fictional like the other girl in Hurricane. Naturally that includes the British Major trying to use her to manipulate the Polish airmen into doing press photos

    Urbanowicz’s friendship with a German fighter pilot, “Wilhelm von Rüttenberg” is pure invention. That guy didn’t actually exist.
    He may have met German pilots at Baden in his time there but that’s just a small “may”.

    Well. The lack of allied deaths in the film……. In that Hurricane was much better, no invincible Poles rescuing UK alone.

    It is a modern Polish move. They did superb movies two decades ago but today in movies made in Poland there is a nasty subtone of nationalism

    But enough nagging. The fighting scenes are not bad. Just a bit one sided.
    If you love to see fighting with loud motors and heroic music you will love them


    Oh, I just saw the trailer in the latest release section so I thought it was next fall.

    I didn’t expect any war movie to be bias-less or bashing-proof but it may deserve to be seen (at least so one can make his own opinion).

    Thanks for detailed feedback, I hope it will be broadcasted locally so I can see it.

    PS: at least it can’t be worse than pearl harbor 😅

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