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    I have lots of 28mm plastic US Infantry by Warlord. In fact, one of the recommendations I have for those interested in wanting to get US Infantry is to pick up both the new plastic set AND the older plastic set. Also, if you get the US paratroopers plastic set, look at using the extra heads from the older (and newer) US infantry plastic box set instead. Some of the plastic paratrooper heads do not work well with the standing figures.

    That being said, I also highly recommend the new US Infantry by Perry Miniatures. These are absolutely outstanding in my humble opinion. The figures are well proportioned – but this is usually the case with Perry figures – and offer a good selection of dynamic and more static poses as well as a good selection of weapons. You get everything you need in one box, but two boxes will be better. Especially if you want to field the 3x MMG option.

    US Infantry

    I hope this information will help others when it comes to plastic US infantry.



    Yes i have to agree the Perrys are great at bulking out an Army. I still like metal though you can’t beat a great sculpt in a good size figure.

    Just have them all.
    The only think I liked less with the Perrys was that some figures are on a base…we have started basing on clear bases which is a shame some are fixed to a base.

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