• Thanks for the answer but would that combat be fought that turn or the next ? I know the main unit involved in the sweeping advance would fight it that turn , but would the supports also ?

    I think we will keep the rolling for disorder at the start of the sweeping advance , there must be a high chance that disorder would creep in after a…[Read more]

  • Yes sorry, i am not on face book nor am i likely to be , I don’t want to be part of the social media thing


  • so is that a yes ? it is a sweeping advance an the melee would be fought next turn but with no charge bonus ??

  • Hello everybody

    Our little group consider ourselves veteran HC players , having played it since 2014, however a paragraph in HC2 has us a bit perplexed ?

    We always considered that two units could not come into contact unless one was charging ? so , there had to be a minimum distance between enemy units ?

    However the other night we had a…[Read more]

  • That’s great , that has really cleared up the misunderstanding , we were about to give up on the rules , as we could not work it out , you have been a real help thank you from the three of us


  • however ???

    one last thing if the attackers musketeers happen to be within in three of the melee , but haven’t been given an order to support , can they still support ? or does the fact they haven’t been ordered bar them from acting as support ?


  • Hi there

    once again thank you for getting back to me , this has cleared it up completely we will be good to go Friday , thank you for your assistance


  • Yes thanks for that ,my next question is

    So unit “A” pike block has charged home and the melee ends in a draw , in the next turn which will be “B”s turn , who is the in effect the attacker , does he still get the support from the musketeers , as he hasn’t ordered them to support ? or does he have to order them now to support ? to get the benefit…[Read more]

  • Thanks for getting back so quick !!

    We did intend to play them as three separate units , but , this then opens a new can of worms ,

    unit “A” comprising of one musketeer one pike block and another musketeer facing unit “B” comprising of the same , now in unit “A” turn the pike block decides to charge , unit “B”” pike block , now as we understand…[Read more]

  • Hello there !

    Our little group has been a long standing players of Hail Ceaser , we have just branched into ECW in 28mm , our main question is

    A Batali , has a musketeer , pike block, musketeer , is that considered one unit ? or three ?

    thank you mark

  • mark replied to the topic Druids ! in the forum Hail Caesar 1 year, 2 months ago

    Ok here are the stats etc

    clash 3,          sustained 1,      short range 0,           long range 0,      Morale save 0,   stamina 4,    special rules Frenzied charge ,
    <p class=”western”>War Dogs Disorder Infantry on (5-6) Cavalry (4-6) If Victorious in the initial charge, cannot be used to support, but can be supported by any other units , if…[Read more]

  • mark replied to the topic Druids ! in the forum Hail Caesar 1 year, 2 months ago

    I have the stats for war hounds if any one wants them , I got them before the old forum was hacked

  • mark started the topic Druids ! in the forum Hail Caesar 2 years, 9 months ago

    Back in the dark days , before Hail Caesar , we used to play Warhammer Ancient Battles , In the army list , the ancient Briton player could have a druid , (Or Shaman, as it was called) he added varies qualities to your superstitious Celts , now Warlord sell them and they appear in the Britannia supplement , but not in the Army lists ?

    Do any…[Read more]

  • mark replied to the topic Is Hail Caesar dying? in the forum Hail Caesar 3 years, 7 months ago

    Well before Covid struck, our little group regularly played lots of Hail Caeser,  between us we have lots of Ancient armies and Dark Aged armies , we got together every week , and at least three out of Four weeks was a Hail caeser game.