• French infantry in tropical kit.

    These could be assembled and painted as early Free French (think Koufra and Bir Hakeim), as Vichy troops defending the Levant and North Africa, as French troops in Indochina fighting the Siamese and the Japanese, or even, if we’re going outside of the range of Bolt Action, as Legionaries for pulp games, and…[Read more]

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    Fully SMG/assault rifle-armed fanatics can do a number on Japanese bamboo spear squads.

    Thick SMG fire will already take a toll on charging squads, which will then have to beat a squad of soldiers who 1) will be killed on a 4+ or 5+ and 2) have the Tough Fighter rule.
    Therefore, Gurkhas, NKVD and SS are the way to go!

    Oh, and that whole “charge…[Read more]

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