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As we continue to scour the webosphere for the best Blogs, YouTube Channels, Podcasts, Painters and other Warlord enthusiasts – this week we bring you the chaps from ‘Home Guard Radio’ – a Bolt Action centred Podcast based out of 6s2hit in Edinburgh…

Home Guard Radio

We asked them if they could each give us a quick personal bio, and maybe explain ‘Home Guard Radio’ to anyone who hasn’t yet happened-upon it – let’s kick things off with Craig…

Craig Brown

Me first! me first! It’s all about me!

This is Craig, and I like tanks. It has been two months and four days since I last bought a tank.

I started off with a Normandy Panzer Lehr force that I spent a long time building and painting only to find out that they were not that great in terms of game play as I built them to look cool – but it made them far too expensive.

Right now im enjoying running with my 2000+ point USMC force named ‘The Beards ‘n’ Buckshot Brigade.’

My current project is that I’m building what should be an excellent Stalingrad board – and my next project is to use the new plastic German Grenadier models to rebuild my Panzer Lehr into an Ardennes force. Did I mention I like tanks?

Steve Bonnar and Alistair Unicomb

Steve Bonnar to the left, and Alistair Unicomb on the right

Hi, I’m Steven “the” Bonnar, I collect British (4,000 points) of which I have a platoon of each type of unit available to the British – be it Commandos, Paras or even Chindits.

I also collect a Finnish (3,000 points) force sitting at 140+ models strong – and as 90% of my models are Winter War I got to paint white for the 1st time in my gaming life! I enjoy running forces with medium mortars in them as they have proven to win me games if the correct target is chosen.

Who am I? My names Ali, and I currently use a force from the Soviet Union. I have various lists, though recurring units include a lend lease M3 Stuart and an OT-34. Flame tanks are good fun in the game in my

To mix up my future forces, I am currently working on bomb dogs and handlers alongside the excellent Warlord ZIS-3 and Engineers with flame throwers. As I said, flame weapons are ok with me!


Andy Meechan

Andy Meechan here, I currently have around 1,700 points of Afrika Korps since I picked up Warlord Games’ Kradschutzen and a Panzer IV from 6s2Hit just before I wrote this (that’s pointed for Regular). Normally I sway between the Rommel lists to get access to those twin MMGs to support my PAK 36 anti-tank gun, but I’m adapting my force to be used in a non-Theatre games; expect more mobility and perhaps a sniper! My favourite tank has got to be the Panzer III Ausf G, for looks as much as anything else!


Andrew Warden

Finally, we have AndyW also know as ‘Agent Flamingo.’ Unfortunately Andy is looking after the new addition to the Warden clan and has been missing from the show for some time – so we decided that we would fill in his bio on his behalf.

Andy’s currently working on his Ghost Division German force including his infamous Panzer II Flamingo. Andy is the shows expert on Dunkelgelb as he told us in episode one he spent hours researching the colour on the internet only then to realise there was a can of Army Painter Bolt Action spray behind his head in the correct colour.

Home Guard Radio

So – that’s the cast of Home Guard Radio, we’re a handsome lot, aren’t we?

If you haven’t listened to our shows then I suppose an introduction is in order. We are all long time gamers I think we total over 100 years of rolling dice and holding a brush, Bolt Action was a new thing for us – we had never played anything similar so it was a step into the unknown.

We decided that rather than cover tournaments or even new releases we would focus the show on what we are building and what we are playing. This is represented by the ‘Logistics Corps’ (our hobby section) and the ‘Intelligence Corps’ (the section in which we discuss what we have been playing).

Recently, in episode six, we explored a segment called ‘Lend Lease’ where we swapped armies for a while to see if it was the army or the player that was good.

The shows have charted our progress from new players to experienced players – and all the fun that involved. The show is hosted by the 6s2hit network and we have also been given a room in the new 6s2hit store to set-up as a permanent recording studio. We also have just been given further support with our first sponsor Babelicious – a coffee and cake shop with a World War Two bomber nose art theme – whose cupcakes are excellent.

That’s us – I could go on further but if you listen to the show you will already know about our hobby.

Please head over to our website,  and give our Facebook page a ‘Like’ to ensure that you’re kept up-to-date with the latest episodes of the Home Guard Radio podcast, and all of the latest news!