Terminator Genisys: Rulebook Content


Terminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game is a 28mm scale skirmish wargame which sees the Human Resistance led by John Connor take arms against the machines of Skynet. The core boxed set (‘The War Against the Machines’) is due for release in July – and includes 31 hard plastic miniatures, a full-colour, double-sided 2’x3′ gaming mat, dice, quickstart rules, measuring templates, tokens, and card scenery pieces – everything that you need to play in one box!

We’ll be bringing you pre-order details very soon.

Salute 2015 (6)

A few weekends ago, Alessio and Matt from River Horse were on hand at Salute 2015 to explain more about the game, and offer an exclusive hands-on demo with the rules set. Interest is gathering pace by the day – so what exactly can we expect from the game? We’ve pestered Alessio for a little more information ahead of release…


Alessio: In the ravaged wasteland left after the nuclear holocaust of Judgment Day, the Human Resistance, led by the legendary John Connor, is locked in a desperate conflict against Skynet’s pitiless machines. Who will ultimately survive in The War Against the Machines?

Term Contents

In this book you will find:

• Basic Rules. Contains all of the core rules you need to play the Terminator Genisys game.

• Advanced Rules. This section allows experienced players to add more detail to their games.

• Battle Scenarios. A matrix of 36 balanced games, where both sides enjoy an equal chance of victory.

• Force Lists. This section includes the statlines and special rules for all models and weapons in the two opposing factions of the War Against the Machines: the Human Resistance and Skynet’s Machines.

• Narrative Scenarios. Story-driven scenarios, recreating exciting events of the War Against the Machines.

• Painting & Terrain. Details handy tips about how to paint your models, and how to go about creating a scratch-built wargames table.

• Reference Section. Here you’ll find shortened versions of the main rules of the game, a compilation of the stats for all of the models and weapons, and copies of counters, templates and terrain for you to photocopy.


Keep watching the Warlord Games Newsletter for more news on the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game – as we get ever-nearer to the release date, there’ll be more news and information released as we get it!