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Spotlight: SPQR Basic Rules

Are you ready to forge your empire? Warlorder Tom takes you through an overview of the game’s core mechanics and shows off some of the beautiful models on their way for SPQR:   How it works Tom: Turns of SPQR begin with both players rolling the Dice of Fate! Compare the scores and whoever has…

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Collecting SPQR: Warlorder Tom M’s Marked Men

Warlorder Tom M starts off his SPQR adventure by revealing the Marked Men, his warband of bloodthirsty Iberians – ready to send their enemies to the underworld! Tom M: Ever since we got the work-in-progress version of SPQR, I’ve been thinking about the kind of warband I want to run. Our range of Iberians is hugely…

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Pre-order: SPQR – A Clash of Heroes Starter Set

SPQR Warbands in the Ancient World Take command of your warband and lead it to glory and legend! View in Store   SPQR – A Clash of Heroes Starter Set Senātus Populusque Rōmānus; “The Senate and People of Rome” Are you ready to forge your empire? With a lightning-fast and easy to play system, SPQR…