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Collecting SPQR: Warlorder Tom M’s Marked Men

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Warlorder Tom M starts off his SPQR adventure by revealing the Marked Men, his warband of bloodthirsty Iberians – ready to send their enemies to the underworld!

Tom M: Ever since we got the work-in-progress version of SPQR, I’ve been thinking about the kind of warband I want to run. Our range of Iberians is hugely characterful – bursting with bright colours and dynamic poses. I was particularly taken by the Scutati command, who are all brandishing their swords in a suitably threatening manner.

I’m also a serial converter, always looking for opportunities to personalise my miniatures. In this case, I’ve raided my bits box for things like dogs, a giant sword for my hero and some casualties to spice up my bases.

The Marked Men

The Marked Men hail from the Jalon and Tajuna river valleys in central Iberia. Each man bears Cernunnos’ horned skull on their breast – a sign of devotion to the lord of the underworld. These fanatical raiders wage a brutal guerilla war against both invading Romans and neighbouring Celtiberians.

The warband is led by Balcaldur, a reclusive hermit who believes he is the mortal avatar of Cernunnos. His gigantic sword is forged from meteoric iron and capable of splitting a man from head to tail with a single strike.

On the battlefield, this warband is a force to be reckoned with. Highly mobile light infantry and cavalry allow you to whittle down the enemy from a distance, while Balcaldur and his Scutati bodyguard get up close and personal!

The List

Balcaldur, the Sword of the Underworld (89 Denarii)

  • Equipment: Two-handed Sword, Dagger, Helmet
  • Talents: Wall of Iron, Lethal Blade, Blademaster

Navaras, the White Wolf (86 Denarii)

  • Equipment: Short Spear, Large Shield, 3x Javelins, Horse
  • Talents: Buckle the Line, Horsemanship

Scutati Band

  • Equipment: Short Spears, Javelin, Large Shields, Helmets, Horn
  • Special Rules: Flaming Javelins, Strength in Numbers

Caetrati Band

  • Equipment: Javelin, Swords, Bucklers
  • Special Rules: Flaming Javelins, Hit and Run

Iberian Cavalry Band

  • Equipment: Short Spears, 2x Javelins, Small Shields, Horses
  • Special Rules: Hit and Run

The Marked Men Warband

If you can’t wait to collect your own warband and you think Tom M’s force is a sound choice then here are all the components you’ll need, wrapped up here in one place:

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Warbands in the Ancient World

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SPQR – Warbands in the Ancient World Rulebook


Senātus Populusque Rōmānus; “The Senate and People of Rome”


Are you ready to forge your empire?

With a lightning-fast and easy to play system, SPQR allows you to build a complete warband capable of scouting out enemy armies, clashing across borders, and conducting raids on farms and villages.

Units in SPQR are divided into two broad categories; heroes and minions. Units of 5 or more Minions form the bulk of your warband, faceless henchmen who have been sworn into your service.

Heroes are powerful individuals that will grow in stature from battle to battle, gaining new talents and becoming true legends!

Each warband features specialised scenarios to reflect its own tactics and methods of waging war.

SPQR comes a complete campaign system along with a detailed progression system for your heroes, allowing you to customise how they fight on the ancient battlefield! This is what sets SQPR apart – forge your own destiny and join the battle!

Inside SPQR you’ll find:

196 Pages containing 42 scenarios dedicated to the warbands listed;

Warband lists for;

  • Imperial Rome
  • Dacia & Sarmatia
  • Iberia
  • Gaul
  • Caesar’s Legions
  • Macedonia
  • Persia
  • Thebes
  • Sparta
  • Athens


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