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New: Plastic 95th Riflemen

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To produce the required amount of miniatures for Waterloo Replayed: The Great Game, we created our fantastic 95th Riflemen in plastic. Available for a limited time only, these miniatures are a fantastic addition to any Napoleonic Army.

Plastic 95th Riflemen

In this pack, you’ll get 10 single-piece plastic riflemen with their bases. They’re the same beautiful sculpts as our metal models, reproduced in plastic. This is a quick and cheap way to add some additional skirmishers to your force!


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Or for a little bit extra you can have a complete Brigade to start your Black Powder Napoleonic career:

Lord Stallard’s Brigade at Waterloo

Lord Stallard’s brigade found themselves embroiled in the fighting around Hougoumont, caught up in a storm of shot and steel.

This bundle gives you a complete Black Powder brigade suitable for the battle of Waterloo, including multiple infantry units, some skirmishing Greenjackets, a heavy cavalry unit, and a cannon, along with all the necessary officers.

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The North Essex Regiment

This is an excellent starter force for Black Powder, providing several small infantry units including the brilliant new plastic 95th riflemen, an artillery piece in the form of a rocket battery and two characterful command models – one to lead the infantry brigade, and the other to take overall battlefield command!

It’s also an excellent way to expand on an existing Peninsula War British Army.

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Tom Mecredy
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