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Collecting SPQR: Warlorder RichC’s Legio Prima Adiutrix

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Warlord RichC starts of our adventure into SPQR by revealing his starting Warband inspired by the Roman Marines and Legio Prima Adiutrix;


RichC: Well – seeing as I’ve been putting off building yet another army, this weekend I succumbed to the call of the Roman Legions… the Marines anyway 🙂

I’ve always been intrigued by the Roman marines and guess I just needed an excuse to get Sarissa’s rather lovely Roman Ship (who can argue with the inspiration this creates)


With a “yet to be proofed” copy of the SPQR rules available to a few of the team I set to work putting together my 500 points (Denarii) SPQR Warband list.

Legio Prima Adiutrix.

I’ve based my warband on members of the Legio Prima Adiutrix. This was one of 2 full legions created from the Auxiliaries of the Roman Navy around 40AD. They were perhaps on the wrong side a few times through the Year Of The 4 Emperors but came through to eventually be given the titles Pia Fidelis Bis (“twice loyal and faithful”) and Constans (“reliable”).

Something that really stood out for me was a particular persona within the Legion. Gabara was recorded to be a 9’9″tall Arabian giant! Once I find a suitable model it’ll be commanded by Gabara, for now, though I’m using one of our Optio’s as my Pilus Prior.

My heroes are based on 30mm MDF discs to make them stand out from the average 25mm base. My Scorpio is on a triangular base from Sarissa Precision.

The List

As we (The Warlord Trade and Web teams) are going to be having a campaign as soon as the SPQR book arrives, we will all be starting out with 500 Denarii to purchase our Warbands. Here is my planned force, containing some handpicked veteran auxiliaries, ready for some small actions such as quelling a small rebellion or a surgical strike on an enemy position.

Example pages from SPQR

First Century, Second Cohort, Legio Prima Adiutrix

Hero 1 – Pilus Prior, Centurion Atergo Potentes Drusus – 82 Denarii.

  • Large shield, lorica hamata, sword, short spear
  • Talents – Wall of Iron, Blademaster

Hero 2 – Evocatus, Servius Minatus Marinus – 85 Denarii.

  • Large shield, Lorica Segmentata, sword.
  • Talents – Shield Bash, Shield Wall

Hero 3 – Immunes, Nonus Vettius – 75 Denarii.

  • lorica hamata, sword
  • Talents – Voice of Command, Inspire

Auxiliary Archer – Contubernium (Rear Principes) – 88 Denarii.

  • Decanus Aetius + 7 men with Bow, lorica hamata, swords

Auxiliary – Contubernium (Forward Triarii) – 80 Denarii.

  • Decanus Aemilius + 7 men with lorica hamata, large shield, sword & short spears

Scorpio Team80 Denarii.

Warband Total Cost; 490 Denarii. (leaves 10 Denarii in the bank for later)

Denarius of Septimius Severus showing Legio 1 Adiutrix

I’ll report back once I get a bit more paint on them and totally reserve my right to change my choices of equipment once I get the rule book 🙂

Warband Adiutrix

If you can’t wait to collect your own warband and you think RichC’s force is a sound choice then here are all the components you’ll need, wrapped up here in one place:

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