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New: Merlin Heavy Walker

The industrial prowess of the British nation combined with the boffins at Rift HQ has produced the mighty Merlin Heavy Walker, taking Allied walker design to a whole new level. View in Store Merlin Heavy Walker As the development of the Automated Infantry moved into the area of autonomous vehicles, the concept of merging human…

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New: British Grenadier Section

The Boffins at Rift HQ have the perfect platform for trialling new weaponry – the British Grenadiers, or Rift Grenadiers, an elite shock unit to match the best any other nation can muster… View in Store British Grenadiers In order to test new equipment and technology coming from the UK’s Rift-tech labs and workshops, the…

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New: Konflikt ’47 FAQ & Errata

The chaps over at Clockwork Goblin have been hard at work answering all your questions and cleaning up their fantastic alternate history expansion for Bolt Action! Official Konflikt ’47 FAQ This document has been compiled by the designers as an Official FAQ for Konflikt ’47. Drawn from various questions and answers within the gaming community,…

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New: Japanese Locust Medium Battlewalker

Japan has introduced it’s first bipedal walker with devastating results. Wield the new resin and metal Locust Medium Battlewalker and destroy your enemy! View in Store Locust Medium Battlewalker Japan has now been able to enhance its Battlewalker programme with shared assets from the German Panzermech program. The addition of a bipedal jump-capable walker based…

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Konflikt ’47 Short Story: Seaforth’s Ladies

Join the women of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada’s Walker Platoon – Piloting their walkers; A grizzly named Winnie and the three Guardians… View PDF in Store   “Well done Sergeant your platoon has impressed the Brigadier,” said Lieutenant Colonel Goodbar as he followed up behind the Brigadier. “Thank you, Sir,” said Alex a note…

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New: Panther-X with Light Rail Gun

The heavy and versatile chassis of the Panther makes for the perfect weapons platform for the Schwerefeld Projector… Here is the new Panther-X for Konflikt ’47. View in Store The versatile and highly effective Panther tank has been upgraded with a modernised and field tested Schwerefeld Projector to create a well-armed and armoured medium tank….

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New: Tesla AT Gun

Fire devasting arcs of electricity into the enemies ranks with the new Tesla AT gun! View in Store The directed energy weapons conceived and developed by Nikola Tesla have had an immediate impact on the battlefield. Even heavily-armoured vehicles are vulnerable to electricity and with a dispersion setting, squads of infantry can be attacked just…

Konflikt '47, Latest Products

New: Towed ZP Gun

Nothing can escape the powerful Zvukovoy Proyektor. Now fielded by the standard Soviet trooper! View in Store These Soviet-designed sonic shock cannons are brutally effective against infantry and unprotected vehicle crews, utilising ultra-low frequencies focussed into an energy pulse that behaves like a battering ram they can disrupt most targets they face. The beam dissipates…