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Bruce Murray’s M13/40 Italian tanks

Check out these lovely examples of our Italian M13/40 tank painted by Bruce Murray.

As you can see Bruce has added an Italian flag as an air recognition symbol – don’t want trigger happy Luftwaffe or Regio Aeronautica pilots strafing their own side! The tank commander shown is a conversion – however you can of course pick-up our Italian Tank Crew pack here!

The second M13/40 has been captured by Australian forces and pressed into service against its former owners, replete with new markings including the iconic kangaroo symbol.  This happened a lot during the war  – particularly during the desert campaign where vehicles and equipment could change hands several times!

Bruce has once again converted the Digger crew…


Keep upto date and inspire others or just let us know about your plans and conversion ideas over on the warlord forum:

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