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Kalon gives a teeth-chattering winter Bolt action scenario for you to bite on!


After a particularly bitter winter of fighting, the Soviets are close to recapturing the last German-held trench works and as such push them back before the winter months got too inhospitable to continue the fighting, this would have been a huge insult to the Soviet high command and a knock for the Soviet infantry’s moral.

The plan had been drawn up by the Soviet High Command, the infantry of the assembled companies were to storm the German position under cover of a heavy artillery barrage to allow their troops as much of a chance to cover the open ground before the trench line without sustaining too many casualties.

The Russian High Command were also interested to glean as much intelligence as possible about the German army’s plans and movements so as such wanted the German Lieutenant captured alive and brought to the rear.

The German’s only chance for survival against the Soviets was to hold their ground and attempt to last out until reinforcements could arrive from the rear, if the Infantry could hold out and keep the position secure the foothold within the Forested regions of the Russian front would be secured and could act as a beachhead in the spring months once most of the snow had thawed. The orders were simple, you will hold the line and make the Red Devil’s pay dearly.

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Opposing Forces

Soviet 19th Army

The Soviets are chosen from the Reinforced Platoon selector on page 153 of the Rulebook.

German Occupying Force

The German force is chosen from the Reinforced Platoon selector on page 153 of the Rulebook.


For this scenario, use a 4′ x 4′ table. A trench system or series of hardcover prepared positions should be placed with the German deployment no closer than 12” from the middle of the table. There should be no scatter terrain within the first 12” of the German defender’s positions. The remaining area of the table should have a good mixture of ruins and trees.


The Soviet’s objective is to attempt to capture the German commanding officer. To do this they simply need to win an assault against the officer to represent him being subdued by the Russian Hordes.

The German’s objective is to hold the Russian’s at bay until the reinforcements can arrive from the rear, the German’s need to last until the end of the game.

Special Rules

The amazing scenery made by the Terrain Tutor on display at Warlord HQ Nottingham

German Defences

The German trench system/hardcover positions have been build to survive strong assaults as such a Preparatory Bombardment can never score higher than a 5. In game terms, they count as hardcover.

Advanced Spotting

The Soviets have sent advanced spotters forward to map out the German defensive positions, as such indirect weapons being fired with a spotter have a +1 whilst targeting units within the prepared positions/trench works.

Game Duration

Keep a count of how many turns have elapsed as the game is played. The game ends on Turn 6.


At the end of the game if the Soviets have managed to capture the German officer they score a Victory.

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