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Bolt Action: US and German Armour Gallery

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Sascha Herm shows off some beautifully painted US and German vehicles in a winter scene!

Sascha: I wanted to demonstrate with these, that it is possible to brush paint any WW2 vehicle, although the airbrushed vehicles look fantastic not everyone owns such expensive equipment. I used conventional painting techniques for them and really like how they turned out.

I have scratch built the winter scenery to get a real looking background for these brilliant models. I also converted some of the crews to fit into the vehicles and pinned them securely to their place.

The gunner of the Wespe Crew started as a summer one from the original kit and I also used the winter commander from the ‘Stummel’ Crew as they looked better with my winter theme.

I also added a self-made defensive position with real branches to the HMG team to show the desperate defence during the ‘Siege of Bastogne’.

I have added a lot of extra stowage to the Vehicles and added sandbags made from ‘Green Stuff’ to give them a real ‘Campaign’ look. The Willys Jeep is my favourite and was entirely painted/shaded/weathered with acrylics.

Watch out soon for new winter troops!