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Bolt Action Summer Offensive: The Final Assault

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This week marks the final week of the Bolt Action Summer Offensive! It’s been a furious, action-packed five weeks so far, and it’s sure to go-out on a BANG!

Campaign TodaySo – before the dramatic conclusion, we thought we’d go back over the action to give a round-up of some of the highlights of the 2015 Bolt Action Summer Offensive…

Each week, we’ve released a series of themed scenarios – some from our existing pool, some from our Theatre Book series, and some previews of some of our UNRELEASED Theatre Books – to flavour each week to a year of the war…

Week One – 1939-1940

Germany Strikes: Cavalry Charge,

Germany Strikes: The Black Brigade.


Week Two – 1940-1941

Germany Strikes: The Battle of Orp,

Germany Strikes: Frankforce at Arras

Germany Strikes:  The Battle for Cassel

Germany Strikes:  Hedgehog.


Week Three – 1941-1942

Ostfront: Bridgehead.

Duel in the Sun: A Daring Raid.

Pacific: Jungle Road Ambush.


Week Four – 1942-1943

Preview from ‘Duel in the Sun’ – Operation Lightfoot

Pacific – Alligator Creek

Ostfront – The Volga Crossing


Week Five – 1943-1944

Battleground Europe: Gold Beach

Ostfront: Pakfront

Preview from Empires in Flames: Bloody Tarawa


Week Six – 1944-1945

Battleground Europe: Bastogne

Ostfront: Battle of Berlin

Pacific: Iwo Jima Bunker Assault

Throughout the course of the campaign, we’ve selected just a few of our favourite user-submitted Battle Reports and used them (along with a healthy dose of humour!) to generate the ‘Weekly Warlord’ Newspapers…

Weekly WarlordHowever, this week marks the final push! – with the campaign drawing to a close this Sunday, results will be logged and the winner announced…

There have also been rumours of prizes being awarded to some players… but you’ll have to keep watching next week’s Newsletters for more news…