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SS Camo Guide

By Peter Motas

Bolt Action SS Camo Guide

Hey guys,

As Warlord just released some new awesome Waffen SS plastic figures I thought I would prepare myself by painting some of the metal ones I have at home.

I´m going to focus this guide on the camo and not the other parts of the model, to try and keep the guide rather short. I´m aware that the smock actually didn´t come in pea dot camo, but I choose it anyway as I thought the areas were big and suitable for this guide.

After priming the figure with Vallejo 74.601 Grey I started to get the base colours on. I like to have all the base colours done before I start working further, as it´s easier to get the whole picture this way (at least for me).

I painted the face after that. As I like to start on the “inside” of the mini and work my way “outwards”.

As a note before we start – I used a Winsor and Newton Series 7 miniature series size 000 when painting the camo. I use very diluted paint and more “dab” on the paint than actual paint strokes. I find that I can give the pattern some different tones this way without having to mix colours. So, for example, where I want the colour to be more faded/darker (like where there will be shadows) I usually just dab it on in one layer. But where there will be lighter colours on the pattern, I go back 1-2 or as many times I find is required to get a bright colour.

Ok, so I started with painting the helmet cover and pants in a summer version of Oakleaf. I used AK3061 as a base and then used a very subtle wash with Citadel Reikland flesh wash, and focused on the darker areas where there would be shadows. After that, I went back and highlighted the pants with the base colour AK3016.

The next step is to start adding some patches of AK3064.

When this is done, I added AK3063 inside the patches I just painted.

Remember to just dab them on. The last step is to go back to AK3064 and add some areas inside the AK3063 spots, and have some areas where the AK3064 is by its own. We will add some more shadows when we are done with the jacket. I find it easier to do it to both areas to get a more natural look.

I now move over to the Jacket and paint it in M44 Peadot.
The base colour is AK3021. I then wash it with Citadel Reikland flesh wash, then highlight it with AK3021.

I then start with some light spots using AK3022.

After that, I add darker spots with AK3023.

In the next step, I use AK3022 and start to add some spots. When you do the spots, keep in mind that they go over the different areas, not just inside the other coloured spots. Try and overlap the different areas to blend the camo a bit.

I do this with the brush I mentioned earlier as it has a fine tip and I like to keep the dots rather small. If you find it hard to use a brush just use whatever suits you, for example, cocktail stick or toothpick. Don’t worry, it will look good even if the dots are a bit bigger! 🙂

We then add some more spots using AK3023.

We add more spots using AK3024

And finally, the last spots with AK3025.

When this is done I used AK3046 mixed with a bit of black to do some shadows on both the jacket and the pants, for example on the underside of the helmet where there would be a dark shadow area.

When we have painted all the other parts of the figure, I used black to do some black lining. It’s a great way to bring out the details a bit.

Finally, we matt varnish the mini before finishing the base. I have used AK183.

That’s my approach when doing these camos. I would love your feedback on this guide, and suggestions on what guide I should do next.

If you liked the guide please visit my Facebook page – PM Painting and my Instagram account Myt4z.

Thanks for reading!
Cheers PeterM

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