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Bolt Action Polish Special Offers!

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We recently released our new Polish Airborne range and since then have been asked by several of you if we’ll be doing any army deals as well as for our early war Polish army range.

Poles Apart: Polish Airborne Deal

Polish Airborne

Polish Airborne

2 Polish Airborne Squads
1 Polish Airborne Specialists Pack
PA Command
PA 6 pounder AT & crew
PA 75mm Pak Howitzer
PA Vickers
PA 3’’ Mortar

Total Value £82. Deal Price £75.

Opposing Poles: Polish Army Deal

Rifle Squad

Early War Polish Lancer Regiment

2 Polish Infantry boxes
1 Polish Lancers Regiment
1 Heavy Mortar
1 Sharpshooters
1 HMG Team
1 75mm Gun
1 37mm Gun
2 Tankettes

Total Value £140. Deal Price. £128.

Polish Airborne & Army Deal

TKS Tankette

Get both the Polish Army Deal + Airborne Deal together for £190 (a further saving of £13)