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Bolt Action one year on…

This week is one year since our Bolt Action World War Two game was launched!

In that short time Bolt Action has gained a huge following in the wargaming community, with tournaments, events, fan-sites, blogs, YouTube battle-reports, open-box reviews, and loads and loads of great games. Your enthusiasm has been overwhelming and everyone here at Warlord would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who has got involved in the game.

Our Design Studio has been incredibly busy over the year, bringing our Bolt Action range up to well over 1,000 different kits including several plastic sets, producing the superb value Assault on Normandy starter set, the full range of 7 army books, army deals to kickstart your collection (along with force-specific paint sets that take the hard work out of choosing the right colours) and not forgetting the incredible Pegasus Bridge battle set.


Naturally we have loads more plans for the future, including rules for fighting Bolt Action Tank Battles as well as supplements exploring the troops, battles and history of specific theatres of World War Two and, of course, loads more great miniatures! This last year has just been the start – the war won’t be over by Christmas…


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